Don't hide close button on images


Now the close button on image disappears after a couple of seconds if the image is not manipulated.
Please make it permanently ON!

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Hi @Aleksander,

You can create this behavior using a close button that you put on top of your main asset. Put them into a Group so they are tied together.
Would that answer your need?



We have more then 10 projects with more then 20 pages and more then 100 images in each other, which are different sizes and images moves after users actions (from small to big). So its a big job to add new images on the top of each image. I think it will be more simple do it by “close button”? Or may be I missunderstood somthing?


In this case, you are right, it would be too much of a job to modify all this, and too heavy in each scene.

I’m adding a poll to your 1st post so other IntuiFace users can vote for it