Does anyone give private lessons? (For money of course)


Hi everyone :slight_smile:,

I’m looking for someone who can accelerate my learning with intuiface. I am a beginner ( I started one week ago) and I am very motivated to improve. I’d like to take more lessons.

Regarding the price we can agree here or in private :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Mario,

I’ll let our Intuiface Experts answer here but meanwhile, you may want to try our Self-Guided Training with Tutorial :slight_smile:




Hi @lod_samurai

We can offer a training session/Consultancy

Kind Regards




Hi Lod… me too can help you out


Happy to help as well. I agree with @Alex It’s probably best to learn as much as you can of the basics first, then reach out to myself or one of the other experts for a discussion of how you’re looking to use Intuiface. I’m sure all of us design and go to market in different ways. Hopefully this helps to use your time and money more efficiently.


Hi @lod_samurai,

You might also want to watch our webinar recordings here, they can be of a great help.

Could you tell us a bit more about your project and the kind of training you’d be looking at?