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I have a PDF Document, that starts minimized in my XP, when I click on it, it will open in the size set of the header of the properties. How do I change the opening position of the document?

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Hi @marcelo could you please give us more details to what you are trying to achieve, I’m not sure to understand your need.

Hi @Chloe

I have a pdf document that when my XP open it is minimized. When the user click on this pdf icon it will maximize. I would like to choose the position where this pdf will be maximized ( today the user has to drag the document to the middle of the screen to be able to read it)

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What you need to understand is that there are 3 states:

  • Minimized
  • Normal
  • Maximized

You can change the minimum and maximum sizes in the properties:

For the normal state, it’s the size you set on the scene by default.

I think that what you want to achieve is to have the asset maximized as soon as you unmaximize it. In this case you’ll need to play with triggers and actions :

Resulting in:

Otherwise, you could play with the normal state instead of the maximized state and play with X,Y position along with width and height like so

Resulting in:

Let me know if this works for you.