Do not show keyboard on Text Input




is it possible not to show the virtual keyboard when focussing on a Text Input?
Even when I set the Input Field to invisible, the keyboard stays.


Hi Johan,

Could you please explain why you would want this scenario to happen or give us an example of a scenario? The purpose of the text input is for users to fill out text.

You could decide to deactivate the “visible to interactivity” property so that it is not enabled but I’m not sure this answers your need.


I want to fill the text input with a device that generates keystrokes (not a keyboard), to use that value as a filter.
So the user should not be able to enter data manually.


Understood :smile:

Try what I mentionned above it should do the trick then.


Hi Cloe,

when I do that the keystrokes are not entered into the field anymore, and the kyboard is still visible.


Hi Johan,

You can shrink the keyboard to a very small size in order to minimize its visual impact by changing the scale factor properties. You can find the keyboard “scale factor” property at scene level