Displaying file names in asset collections?


A lazy client wants to dump videos into a folder and have them show up with the file name as text that displays next to the video. I built this first with a spreadsheet but that was too much work for them. Am I going crazy or did Intuiface never have an option to display file names in collections?


Hi Carson, currently you can only display an icon in collections, for the filename, the client will need to enter the stuff into excel…

I guess you already know that you can create a group with the video & text field and bind these to the excel sheet.


Hi @carson,

If you use the sample Interface Asset available at the end of this article, you’ll be able to list the content of a folder and create your own Data Template. It’s up to you then to use the right converter to transform the filepath into the filename to display on screen.
Hope that helps.


Thanks so much Seb,
That worked like a charm and I was able to remove the parts of the path that I didn’t want with a text manipulation (replace) converter.