Display content separately on two displays

Is there any way to use one small display as remote controller and big one works to show content on it and its on single player PC.
For example if there are two display attached with the one PC and intuiface running on it and if I click some button on smaller one so it plays the content on bigger one.

Hi @PQuest and welcome back to the Intuiface community.

Yes, this is totally doable, and one of the ways to achieve this would be to

  • Set up your PC in an extended display mode (say 2 x 1920x1080 resolution displays)
  • Create an Intuiface experience with your total desktop resolution (say 3840x1080). See more info here.
  • Create an experience layer on one half of your experience that will be the “remote controller”
    • The XP Layer will enable you to keep that same remote control, whatever scene is displayed in the rest of the XP
  • Use the 2nd half of your experience to create your main XP with as many scenes as you want.

Let us know if that works for you



I have created quite a few XPs using this method, message me if you need any assistance.