Different scene same asset calling?

I have 6 different scenes and different content. I want to call (open) some content (PDF or Image) from every scene with drop down menu. For example: PDF_1 can I call and close every scene. (total: 30 PDF and 30 image). thank you

Hi could you please give more details because I’m not sure to understand your issue.

HI @firat.binat,
If I understand you correctly, you’d like one scene to cause actions to happen in other scenes.

It can be a little tough to find, but when you have the trigger and action menu open, in the “Then” side, under Scene Structure, you’ll see the name of the scene that you’re currently in. But if you look to the left of it, there are two little boxes with an arrow. If you click that, you can actually see the scene structure for other scenes in your XP. Go ahead an create actions in those other scenes and see if you can solve your problem. Good luck!

I have the same drop down menu in each scene. Each button of it calls a content (like images or PDFs). The problem is that. I have lots of contents. So how can I recall these contents when I passed through next scene? Instead of copying the content scene by scene. In other words, I am looking for a faster way for carying the content, which is located in scene one, to other scenes.

Hi @firat.binat,

I think that you may be interested in Experience Layers that will be a major feature of incoming IntuiFace 6.0.

Please have a look at this post Now some videos to whet your IntuiFace 6.0 appetite - Announcements - Intuiface Community. I’m pretty sure you’ll like what you’ll see ;-).


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good idea :wink: