Different results on Composer and Player

Hello community,

I’ve been testing and trying Intuiface for a couple of days so far and would like to share some issues that I’ve been facing. Basically I’ve noticed some differences from what I see on Composer to what Player shows me.

This is my Welcome screen on Composer:

My experience is based on those 4 sessions. I wanna show you the main titles shadow a bit closer, like this:

I’ve achieved it by duplicating the text layer and applying a blur into it. This is what I get on Player:

Again, the image below shows the zoomed image:

Can you notice that the Composer shows a nice and neat gradient while Player interrupts it? FYI The texts are not into a group, as I found this could be the reason of such thing.

Trying some workarounds I’ve tested the blur effect on a rectangle. The Composer view:

Notice that one can barely see the palm tree behind the red spot. Now the Player view:

Some animation struggles have been faced as well. Composer has 3 different fill behaviors and the fill one is supposed to understand the best dimension to use therefore it should cover the image area. One can see this effect when trying to redimension the image by dragging the anchors. I’ve tried to animate the size of an image using the behavior mentioned above and the result - on Composer - was exactly what i wanted:

The Player result was quiet different:

Also Composer preview runs smoothly while the Player piece shows performance issues - testing on iPad Air 2 but maybe not noticeable on media above - What can you tell about the performance point? Do you think the offline mode - using licenses - would sort it out?

Last but not least, I did this transition effect on same scene. Is it the best practice?

Sorry about all those URLs but as a new member I am not allowed to upload more than 1 image :man_shrugging:

Kind regards


Hi @murilogasparetto and welcome to the Intuiface community!

First, I’d recommend you to make sure that you are using the right Play mode in Composer. Intuiface uses 2 different technologies, 1 for Windows, 1 for the other platforms. That can explains the slight differences you’ll see between both platforms.
In Composer, If you enter play mode using the “Simulate player on other platforms”, you should have a result similar to what you’ll see on an iPad.
Except your Composer’s laptop might be way more powerful than an iPad Air 2 :slight_smile:

For more precise help and follow-up, I’d recommend you to contact our support team.



Lovely! Thank you for such a quick answer.

Following the link you sent I managed to pick the right Player view and it made things look right.

Now my question is why does Player performs differently depending on device/OS?