Different Keyboard Languages in one XP

It has come to my attention that Intuiface allows you to create a multi language XP’s but for example if someone where to switch to there language: XP is in English and someone wants to write something in Chinese you cant change the keyboard language. This is where Intuiface is limited.

Key benefits:

  • More freedom to create something for a public place/area.
  • The XP will get more attention because its in the language of the user.

Just to wrap things up this would be amazing if you could implement this!!!

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Louie - Just a small guy in a big world.

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@Louie_Smith Hi there!
Hope you are doing well.

Do you know if this was implemented?
Cause I have an XP with 3 buttons, ITA/ENG/CHN and a trigger on each button to --> change Keyboard language to …
But not working.

Thank you

Hi @p.secomandi,

The action works, but you need to close / re-open the keyboard to see the change, meaning if the text input was already in editing mode (keyboard visible), you need to

  • change the language
  • exit the editing mode
  • enter the editing mode

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Thank you @Seb, I noticed but I didn’t know those actions could work that way.
Indeed I created like a ‘config’ scene in which user can change the keyboard language, but I don’t like that :slight_smile:

Today I’ll try your solution.
Thanks again!!!


Hope you are doing well! Take care! :slight_smile:

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