Diferent behaviour in Web and Player

Hello IF Community.

I’m here to share, in my view, a bug related to sharing an experience with a URL having a different behavior from a “normal” player. Let me explain.

I have an experience that in one aspect is directed to show PDF’s.
The experience runs well in player, and locally. For some reason, I’ve decided to try the “Deploy as a webpage” option. Almost everything went well, but there is an unexpected behavior, when I try to open a PDF. In the player, I “touch” on the PDF that I want, and it opens bigger to the user to explore.
O the web version when I touch the PDF, it opens bigger, but also opens as a small thumbnail.

I’ll reproduce this on Windows Sandbox for recording purposes, but I’ve also tried this on a different machine.

This is not an urgent matter for me, I’m just sharing in case someone faces a similar issue.


Hi @Ihnder,

When you use “Deploy as a web page”, you are using our Player Next Gen which will have its official release next week, see our last newsletter here.
Player Next Gen still has some limitations (listed here) as well as known issues and a lot of them will be fixed in that first official release (Intuiface v7.5).

In the meantime, if you could please open a ticket with our support team to share privately your experience as well as the web link you created, that’ll help us look into that issue, to see if it’s one we have already identified and maybe fixed or not.