Designing The Visual Look of A Multi User -Large Screen

Hi there ,
I aimming to design a multi user experience ,surely I don’t how ,yet that’s what I am trying to learn :smiley:,
I am seeking a pre designed example (experience) that is for multiple users ,
As I have gone through your marketplace ,all what I have seen is experiences for a single user with a small screen ; in which he can reach it width and height.
so ,Kindly seeking your support .

To be more specific,
how to design the screen that is root ,a screen seen by all users ,and there is a user action that will show him a specific instance in which he can navigate through .
I 've attached an image ,and I trying to learn how to implement something similar .


So you are looking for someone to design you a UI or someone to create the experience for you aswell as the ui?

Kind Regards


I am for someone who has already designed an similar experience ,so I can learn from it.

The biggest XP i have made for multi user is x9x1 videowall the easiest way i can explain is to create a simple menu, then duplicate the menu and rename it.

I could send you a quick sample but it will only be to the level of Sebs previous example.



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Ok, I would really appreciate if you post a Download link ,Thank @Louie.