Designing from Scratch - How to approach it?


Hello Intuilab community,

While getting to know the software and its features, I’m working on designing my first interactive experience and was wondering whether anybody could share some tips/tricks on how to approach it.

As a first step, do I need to gather all the content i can and see what i can do with it or do i start by creating the framework that will hold everything together and then search for/create the content needed for it?
At this point there are many opportunities and different types of thing that I can/want to put in the experience, so i was hoping for some best practices advise on this :slight_smile:

Any help or relevant comments on this will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



I have just been where you are. I don’t think there is a correct answer to this, because you discover what intuiface is able to do on the way learning it. I saw a bunch of samples first, if you find something you like, you just change the design for your needs. When you have an idea, there is probably a solution in intuiface, then search for it and look at tutorials
But as always when presenting something in any way, you need something to say. :slight_smile: