Design with API


I am trying to make a design with airtable api and need help. What I would like to do is design the page and have the information update from the api. I don’t know how to move the information around after I bring in the API information. Any help would be great. Below is what I would like to do



Hi @david1,

Did you have a look at:

Tell us if that answers your question and don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need additional help.

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I have watched the the video and it was helpful. I can get my data in from
the API however I just don’t know how to display the information the way I
would like it to be displayed. I would not like to use a carousel or
slideshow or any of the other preset displays that are giving. I would like
a more fixed fields that pulls the info from the API. If you see the
attached photo you can see a cast photo then text next to it. I would love
to set up each box and tell it what field it should fill it with. IE photos
Row 3 column 1. If that possible?


Hi David,

To create this layout, you can use:

  • an Asset Grid with a vertical orientation and 2 columns
  • a Group as the data template root that will include your image and texts.

See below an example I made based on an Airtable base