[Demographics detection and analysis] Fascinated by this?

Hi Community,

What do you notice in this video clip? What you see in this video is an Intuiface powered interactive retail experience made by Waketo (our new Gold Creative Expert in Germany) using the technology that detects and analyzes user demographics.

Don’t be jealous yet because with Intuiface’s VidiClient interface asset, you can build an experience like this yourself!. VidiClient interface asset connects your experience to Quidivi’s automated, anonymous audience measurement technology counts signage viewers, accurately measures their dwell and attention times, estimates their gender and age ranges, and measures their distance and position from the display.


The Quivid Vidi Client interface asset also enables collected demographic and engagement statistics to be combined with Intuiface’s analytic data capture of on-screen selections and location-based information. This first-of-its-kind solution delivers two key benefits:

  1. the ability to automatically adapt content - in real-time - to the demographics of the audience. For example, using gender detection to determine which clothing line to promote

  2. deep, statistics-based insight about users and their biases. For example, identifying the preferences - based on onscreen selections - of different genders, ages, location and other user and environmental factors.

You can read more about the “How-to” here.
You can also download the Demographic-driven Experience Sample to make it yours.