Deep Zoom min zoom / max zoom not working


I’ve got a deep zoom image of a building map (approx 12000 x 6000 pixels) in a scene, and no matter what value I put in for Min Zoom / Max Zoom, I am able to infinitely zoom in and out of the image with the mouse wheel. I want to prevent the user from zooming out less than 100% (so they cannot shrink it smaller than the viewport) and I don’t want them zooming in more than about 300% because the text in the map gets blurred.


Hi @paul1,

Can you confirm you have the same behavior while performing the zoom with 2 fingers on a touch screen and not with a mouse wheel?



Works fine with 2 fingers on a touch screen, so I’m ok with that. My dev computer is not touchscreen so I thought it might be a bug…


It’s kinda rare, but some components may have built-in behaviors related to a mouse that we “turn off” when playing with touch inputs.