Data Sources

I am new to Intuiface and have a few questions.

  1. Looking to link live data from Excel or SQL DB to display up to date data from source without having to reimport into Intuiface.
  2. Does intuiface have any options to monitor a folder on network drive and auto display the JPG, PDF, Word documents that are in the folder and keep repeating / rotating images on the player?

Hi @rplegrand and welcome to the Intuiface user community!

  1. I think this Connecting to the world academy course should answer most of your answers, especially the lessons about Excel and API Explorer. If you decide to go with Excel and need a solution to sync it from a cloud service to your player device, you can see read this article section.
  2. One way of doing this could be to use a JavaScript Interface Asset and the File Service from the Intuiface Factory. This is a bit of an advanced feature, but there’s a pre-built sample available here.

Let us know if you need more details on these topics


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