Cycle screen automatically?

At the institution, we have an interactive screen that works perfectly! In addition to this screen, we want to have another screen with another project that is not interactive. Basically show the schedules through an api on a TV (no touch) As the list of schedules is very extensive and this project will not be interactive. How can I get the screens to “cycle” automatically showing the entire schedule list?

Thank you very much

Hi @msanjurj and welcome to Intuiface community!

You might want to have a look at the Autoscroll feature we introduced recently. Check this article for details.


Thanks Seb!

That’s what I needed!

What I can’t control yet is the speed and quantity of items that I self-poll. For example, in the video I attached ( I only scroll one item at a time. If I change “Scroll by” to the maximum and minimum “Item display duration” now It is too fast to read the classrooms. ( Is there a scroll way of 10 items, for example, but with less speed? Thank you so much

Hi @msanjurj,

For such questions related to a specific experience, I recommend you to contact our support team


Ok, Thank you!