Customers self service printing and or emailing pdf documents

I have a restaurant and would like to set up a self serve kiosk where people can choose to email themselves a copy of our pdf menu. I would also like to set up a printer there where people can quickly print that pdf menu if they wanted one. Any tips on how I can do this?
I am fairly new to Intuiface. thanks

Hi Paulo,

To start, I recommend you to learn the basics by doing our Self-Guided Training with Step-by-Step Tutorial here.

I also recommend to watch this playlist of Instructional Videos.

Once it’s done and you feel comfortable with Intuiface Composer, you can start digging into our Samples from the Marketplace. They are free to download and you will be able to check how they are built, modify them etc.

The one that you may want to check especially is the DIY Shopping Catalog as it’s using a send by email feature. We have a dedicated Help Center page about Share via email Interface Asset here and another about Sending content to a printer here.

This should be a good start, I wish you the best doing your homework :slight_smile:

Another solution would be to hire one of our Partners or to open an Opportunity in our dedicated forum here.




I am free to help :slight_smile:



Hi again Pep ! Intuiface offers an inbuilt mail asset, that you can use to email the pdf . Printing is a bit more tricky as then you need to use a third party printing option as intuiface doesnt currently supporting direct printing.