Custom Timeline - need help

Hi guys,

I have a scene in which I have a carusel.
Above the carusel a TXT box with a date in it.

The date in the TXT box is binded to an excel file.
So when I move an image on focus --> date changes.

till here everythink ok.

Now I’ve been asked to make that date a movable object which work like:

  • scroll till the end --> show me the latest image on the carusel
  • scroll till the beginning --> show me the first image of the carusel
  • center --> show me image having that date --> so on…

Does anybody have an idea how to do this?
Which object should I use? is TXT enought? Shall I put TXT into another scroll?
How to bind the carusel to the date I am moving my timeline to?


@p.secomandi One way to achieve this is to use a collection (a swap collection works well for this) for the text. You populate the swap collection with data from rows of the excel text and bind the “index in focus” property of the swap collection to the “index in focus” value of your image carousel. This way, as your carousel index changes, the text displayed is automatically updated to match.


@tolu tank you for your answer.
Actually I sorted having just a text box and on the carusel, on focus --> set text binded to the date of my excel file.

Everything works now, but…!

Moving left/right the ‘custom timeline’ the carusel scrolls accordingly beggining from 0 a basing on the scroll (timeline) offset %.
Also, moving on focus images text changes and the position of the bar too.

The PROBLEM is that if I press on the middle image of my carusel:

  • the bar goes in the middle showing we are there in the timeline
  • the image on focus changes properly
    HERE trying to move my bar which is already offset of 50% because of the above statements, now the offset is not 0-100, infact moving backward the timeline the carusel moves ahead because the offset is growing…

Hope I’ve been clear and please help!

Hi Paolo,

I shared a sample with you, the one we discussed in our last discussion. You’ll need to adapt it a bit, but basically it’s using 2 asset flows where there “index in focus” are bound together.
I didn’t create the original project for this, so any question would be for @Alex :slight_smile:

Hi @Seb, I was actually working with Triggers and I felt in some ‘infinite trigger loop’.
Now working on bindings, I’ve sorted this out!

Thank you very much!!!