Custom Shopping Cart Asset And Html Email Template Creation

Hi Guys,

We are working on an XP to be used as a quoting tool for a customer using the shopping cart asset as the base. The customer would like to be able to output a custom branded PDF at the end of the experience.

After discussions with Seb and co they have recommended we create a customized version of the shopping cart and customized html template. This was the suggested course of action

• build an IA similar to Shopping List to make the selection of options
• Use an HTML template with empty placeholders
• Use this custom IA to generate the complete HTML by filling in the placeholders with selected options
• Use a virtual printer to print this HTML into a PDF (if on Windows, I could probably share with you a custom IA for that)
• retrieve the path of this generated PDF and add it to the email sharing queue, to send via email as an attachment.

Looking for somebody to assist with the custom IA and html template part

I look forward to hearing from you all


Hi Ben,

I may be jumping the gun here but, Why can’t you build your items using the normal shopping cart IA but then once the process is done you take a snapshot of the cart outside of the scene area. Then convert the image to a PDF using ImageMagick and then import it back into Intuiface and attaching it to the share que?

With this method, you can design the receipt to whatever you like in Intuiface and do it that way?

I would be interested in wanting to know more about your scenario.

Kind Regards


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Hi Louie,

Thanks for the reply. We are building that method as a starting point for the customer however the template they require to present the data is quite complicated. The suggested method was sebs suggestion. I’ll send you a PM with an example


Hi @ben1,

I don’t remember seeing a visual when we had this discussion, so I’ll take the pm too with your example :wink:

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Hi Guys,

After quite a bit of pain, we did eventually manage to build this natively using just the shopping cart (well 4 different carts to be exact) as per your recommendation Louie - thanks for the reminder on building the sheets outside the scene and also on the tip with imagemagik - that worked really well once we got all the scripts to work.

It was a long slow process getting all of the logic rules in place but we got a workable result in the end.

I think a custom IA probably would have been quicker and (as you mentioned Seb) the tradeoff here has been having to design a fixed number of lines in certain parts of the generated quote.

Thanks again for your assistance.