Custom Picker Cannot Scroll

I created a scrolling picker for use on an iOS tablet, and I’m having trouble with the selection zones. I want the viewer to be able to scroll through the options, however because of the selection rectangle as soon as the client touches the picker to scroll, it selects the initial loaded item.

I made the selection rectangle smaller, but still most human fingers are large enough to touch the selection rectangle and activate the trigger I’ve placed with it.

Is there a way to “disable” the initial touch activation so my client can scroll without triggering a scene change?

I’ve included the initial loaded picker I created for reference.

I’m not sure I fully understand your XP, so if you have the ability to record a quick video - that can help. But I’m sure there’s a couple ways to do what you want.

If your collection items are in Excel, inside of your data template, create a button called Select Product, and set it just outside the view of the group. Then set a trigger on the data template - when comes into focus, then move the select button into view. So the user can freely navigate the asset flow, but whenever it settles, the select button will appear.

If you’re not using excel and have a fixed number of products, you may also try to use the Scroll collection. Put your items into the collection, then the user can swipe through them and interact easily with the items when the scroll settles.

Let me know if this helps a little, or feel free to further clarify how your collection is created and what the desired behavior is.

Hi @andrew.gentry

Did you find an answer to your question?
Can you give us more details as Alex asked?