Custom Key Combo to Close Player

It’s easy to close windows player by pressing the ESC key. In some cases, I may actually need a physical keyboard for an XP, so this can present a security issue.

It’d be nice to be able to assign a custom key combo to close player.

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Hi @AlexB,

This is already feasible.

You need to :

  • Create a keyboard trigger : WHEN Esc key pressed, THEN any action (it can be “show an invisible rectangle out of the scene”, “increment a global variable”…). The goal of this action is to catch the Esc trigger and prevent default behavior of Player to exit
  • Create a keyboard trigger : WHEN THEN Exit

The drawback with this approach is that you’ll need to copy / paste those 2 triggers on every scene of your experience… Good news is that with Experience Triggers coming in 6.0, you’ll be able to create those trigger just once.


Hey @alban, that’s a great idea. I suppose you could even create a menu that says “Enter the admin password to exit” That would allow owners of the app to get to the backend, but users would be blocked out.

I’ll give it a try next time, I appreciate the advice. Lots of build-up around 6.0 :slight_smile:, it’s kind of like waiting for Christmas.

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Another suggestion for the action: log an event with Data Tracking to track that someone tried to escape the player.

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