Custom code redemption

I am working with Banks that do a fair amount of direct mail and email campaigns. We are talking about doing a mailer with individual redemption codes. Can we create a module using interface that would allow customers to come into the branch, “tough” the correct module and then enter their personal code. Then, depending on the code they may win a specific gift or a deduction in a mortgage rate?

Does this make sense?

What you are describing is entirely possible. The exact implementation depends on how the banks allow for code redemption. One of the standard ways is using an API. If that’s the case, Composer has native support for such a feature.

Could we develop individual codes via Excel (say 2-3000 of them). then when a client comes into the bank, clicks on the proper experience and enters their particular code (if its a winner) we could show their prize along with a way for them to either email themselves the winners notice or qr code themselves a notice.

That way they could then have it on their smartphone and bring it over to a bank employee to redeem.

Maybe I’m making it too complicated but my goal is to develop a way that a customer can enter the bank, check on their code and if they are a winner they can have proof that they won a prize.

Maybe we can build a small experience over the next couple weeks and you can help us test a couple solutions.

Thanks so much,


If the customer already knows a code, and you have an Excel with all the winning codes in the experience, then all you would need to do would be compare the customers code and then, as you said, either email or QR him the win message as proof.

There are other ways to do it, it really just depends on what would be satisfactory and most convenient for the customers and the bank.

I’d be happy to help in greater detail. I already sent you a PM