Cross fade between scenes not working properly

Hello all!
We’re about to go full in to Composer and 4 players for a tradeshow in April. I’m building the proof of concept with free versions and well received so far.
I’m trying to do a very simple scene to scene navigation, one image per scene, a next and previous button. Actions set to go NEXT or PREVIOUS when released. I chose a cross fade.
The problem is the cross fade does NOT cross fade, it fades to white (or what may be the experience background which is mostly white) then next scene pops in. I’m looking for a smooth cross fade like you’d see in any basic video editing transition. I have 14 scenes to prep and don’t want to waste time with wrong technique. thanks in advance

Hi Ken,

In order to have a Cross fade between Scene backgrounds, you have to use the images as background.

Here is an example:



or scenes with the same colour?

Kind Regards

If you have 2 images on each scene and go CrossFade, you still get a quick display of the color in between.

I’d say (educated guess) the transition sequence is:

  1. hide content of start scene (image 1 fades out)
  2. switch to destination scene (that’s when you see the brief color flash)
  3. load content of destination scene (image 2 fades in)

Seems safer to have images as scene background from my tests :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, however, I’m trying to cross fade between images in the middle of a portrait orientation touchscreen demo.

Using the background images / crossfade works but the background images cover up my main experience background

I tried using groups, each group has image and next button to navigate to next slide and crossfade, then I select all groups and make slideshow.

this ALMOST worked except buttons don’t work within a slideshow only as an outside layer.

I can’t use fixed NEXT PREVIOUS buttons because the button locations are different for every image.

One thought, I havent tried yet, can i make the image 1080 x 1920 where the top 100 pixels and bottom 100 pixels are transparent use PNG?

Would the experinece background layer then show?


Hi Ken,

I’m struggling to understand your Experience layout, do you have any mock-ups or more details please?
What is the content, space usage, what changes/stays in each scene and under which conditions ?

I’m confident we can find a solution, either based on scene backgrounds, slideshow or experience layers, I just need to figure what you want :wink:

Of course, if you don’t want to go into public details here, you can open a ticket on our Support Site. Support Team will probably ask you to share your XP with so you may want to do that just after creating your ticket.



I got kicked back, cannot attach a file

We need to keep the background experience always visible (it’s mostly white with header graphics near top 1/5 screen)

The bkg experience layer is 1080 x 1920,

The scene sequence, where the user can navigate next/prev is 1080 x 1080

Each new screen has the navigation buttons in a different location, so I had to use separate scenes.

I tried your background suggestion but I lose the experience layer, it gets covered up in white.

The screen recording shows how the crossfade pops between scenes, not smooth.

If the Slideshow function allowed interaction within the slideshow, that would be perfect.