Cross dissolve between scenes?


I’m wondering if you guys could add a cross dissolve option to your scene transitions? The current “cross fade” option isn’t clean enough for our clients because it “dips” in the middle (50% alpha of two images doesn’t add up to 100%, it’s more like 80%).

As an example, when I cross fade between two scenes using the same background image, the application background color shows up in the middle. Cross dissolve, OTOH, will fade one scene on top of the previous, preserving opacity integrity.

Currently, I have to build my presentation in a single scene with lots of layers and complex state management. Messy work. Would be nice to be able use scenes.


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Alternatively, you could consider implementing a sigmoid curve for the cross fade transition:

Thanks again!


The cross fade really should work like a shot transition, or be renamed to ‘Fade’.