Creating content for Touch Screen Digital Signage

Newbie Question

When creating assets for touch screen projects what is the best software Photoshop or Illustrator?

I’m using photoshop 2020 for images and fonts, but I’m finding my fonts and images are not looking clear on my 43” HDTV.

I’m using Sans Serif and Serif fonts for my text and JPEG for most of my images.

What settings in Photoshop should I be using for fonts and images?

What Color Space in photoshop do I use for images and fonts on HDTV Screens?

What settings are the best for content on my HDTV example Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness etc.

Thank you in advance for any help!

If everything looks right in composer, you might want to look into the TV settings. A lot of TV’s have a bunch of post processing, you’ll want to turn that off.
Check this article:

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@mobilemedia, this may help, its here:

Hi @mobilemedia,

It could really depend on your needs and usage, but generally speaking, putting text in images isn’t a good practice, especially if you need to resize that image at runtime (pinch to zoom).
You might think about using a Text Asset on top of your image, and merge them in a group collection.

Again, it very depends on the usage. You might want to give us more precise examples?