Creating a menu that has ‘is selected’ styles?


I hope someone can help with this!

I’ve basically set up an asset grid that’s holding a load of text boxes that act as menu items - pulling in data from an excel spreadsheet when clicked. All I’m trying to achieve is some ‘is selected’ styles on these text boxes, so if a user clicks one for example the text will become bold, if another item is clicked bold is applied to that item and removed from the previously clicked item.

Does anyone know if this behaviour is achievable in Intuiface? It seems like a really obvious thing that makes sense to have but have not found a solution yet. Any help would be appreciated!



Hi Henry,

I saw you got your answer on a private thread on our support.

For all other IntuiFace users, one possible solution is the following:

  • in your Excel file, add
    • an Is selected column with false values for every row
    • an Index column with 1, 2, 3… as values
  • add a Global Variable Interface asset in your project and rename it Last Selected Index
  • When a Toggle Button is checked, Then
    • Update Cell with row = Last Selected Index value, column = Is selected and value = false
    • Update Cell with row = Index of current item, column = Is selected and value = true
    • on the global variable, Set Value with value = Index of current item
  • In your Data Template, bind the Is checked property of your Toggle Buttons to the Is selected column.