Create Toggle Group Interface Asset

Here’s an idea submitted by @AlexB:

"The idea is to decrease the time required to make a mutually exclusive (only one selected at a time) set of toggle buttons. For example, if you were to make a multiple choice quiz of some sort with 10 options for answers, you would need to set each toggle button to “when checked, uncheck 1, uncheck 2, uncheck 3…etc”.

To do this for every button gets exhausting. And what if you decided to change the number of questions? You’d need to start over.

It’d be neat to have an Interface Asset with properties that allow you to select the number of Toggle buttons you’d like, and it generates them as a group…all preset as mutually exclusive. Then the user can do further edits to each button’s properties at that point - or as a bonus, add the toggle buttons properties to the IA, so it can generate the set with customized settings."

What do you guys think?

  • I agree
  • I disagree

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Well of course, I agree :slight_smile:

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At all voters, this is now available since IntuiFace 5.7 thanks to the Toggle button sets new feature.

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