Create slider to control video asset timeline?


Is there a way to create a slider to control a video timeline?


Hello @aguila.alex,

There is an option in the video asset property to show the video timeline.

With this option you will also be able to scrub through the video. This would be the easiest and smoothest option.


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Thanks, Ryan. That’s a great option, but is it possible to create a custom timeline? I created a slider following Seb’s tutorial, but I can’t find a way to pass the “timeline value” from the video asset.


Currently there is not a way to create a custom slider that will allow you to scrub through a video smoothly.

It is possible to have triggers with actions that will allow to move to a specific time in the video, when you do this the video will need to be playing or paused, and the result will be the video jumping to the set time.

If this is what you are looking to do then you would use the set timeline action:

Then enter the time in minutes and seconds that you want to move to.