Create a custom interactive choice list (Asset Grid with buttons)

I would like to create a list thanks to an “asset grid” in which the buttons have a basic color (color fill) and to click another permanent color (even after releasing the click) but, I can not find any satisfactory solutions … Do you have an idea ??

I already tried to work around the problem by creating two identical asset grids with different button colors but, by manipulating one of them, the other list does not follow …

Thanks in advance for your suggestions !

Hi @anais

I think you might need to look at custom script converters that changes the colour of the button if check/released as described in this article here. Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi Mike,

It was not quite what I thought, I would like to change the background color and not just the text but, I will try to code it in Java … but it seems to me quite complex for a fairly basic need.

Thank you in any case for your answer, I will try ^^

Hi @anais,

Can you please add some snapshots so we better understand your need?



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Yes sure !

For this project, I would like to have a list of songs. By clicking on one of the titles (column “title of the songs”), a sub-list of versions appears (column “different versions”).

I would like the title of the selected song to remain colorful (as in the screenshot) but without having to create two lists of songs with different properties.

Currently, I have created an “asset grid” with white buttons, turning green when you press the button. (see screenshot) but this effect is not visible on pressing the button. As soon as it is released, it becomes white again.

So I created a second list with green buttons.
As soon as I press a white button, the green button appears instead and the white button disappears. But as soon as another white button is clicked and the green button is visible, we hide the green button and the other white button turns green and so on.

This method is very restrictive because it requires duplicating actions for more than 300 white and green buttons.

I would like to find a better alternative: for example having only one “asset grid” that would keep its green color until another white button has been pressed …
Because the problem is that the two “asset grid” do not scroll at the same time, therefore some green and white buttons are superimposed.

Hi @anais,

In my opinion, the first things for you to do are:

  • watch the webinar recording explaining how to use an Excel file within IntuiFace
  • then organize your songs and versions in 2 different Excel sheets, and use the proper filters when selecting a song to display the versions.
  • think about using a Toggle button instead of a button in your songs list. Set it with a Toggle Button Set so that when you check a new song, it automatically uncheck the previous one.

This will save you a huge amount of time.


I have already used this Excel method to display the results including the titles but it is true that I have never exploited the “toggles” I will try.


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I did a quick check and there are definitely no formatting options for buttons within an asset grid.

As an alternative, you could create a button group using a rectangle in the back and text in the front. Then add the trigger to the whole group and you’ll be able to change the background of the rectangle.

You could then duplicate these to appear as buttons, I use this quite alot as it just gives you more flexibility in terms of formatting.

I checked and it works like a charm. You can even change the text color.