Create a "Between" comparator

The only thing I think that’s missing from the available comparison tools…Is a “Between” comparison.

This could either be a binding converter (kind of like the Equal To in the Math Converters, but the input would be between two values, it would set the output as True or False)

Or it could be part of the comparison Interface Asset, where if you select it, it adds another field.

For parallax type movements, this would make it easier to “Snap” to specific places, or set triggers/actions based on a range from the comparison.

Does anyone else agree?

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If you had a Comparison Interface Assets with 3 inputs instead of 2 and the operator “inferior”, returning true if A < B < C and false in the contrary, would that answer your need?

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Yes, I think that would work, Seb. “Inferior” is an operator I’m not familiar with, but I can see how it applies.
This would probably be a new Comparison IA, right? Or would it somehow be a part of the current one?
Either way, it could save me hours of time :slight_smile:

Sorry, english mistake maybe, I meant “lower than” :slight_smile:

It would be a different one that the current one since it’ll have 3 inputs (or more). Actually I have coded this “comparison-3” IA for the games we are working on with @Chloe. To be released soon

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Awesome! Great that you’ve already got something working. I’ll probably be using this one a lot - there’s a few places in current projects that this would fit perfectly.

Thanks Intuilab for helping me to get excited about math again.