Create a "Best Practices" Community Category

I know we have a Tips and Tricks category, but it would be neat to create a “Best Practices” category here in the community.

This would be geared towards processes and work around that our current designers use, not tricks.

For example, someone might share their creative process from concept to creation with IF. Someone else might discuss how they use Show/Hide mechanisms as primary triggers for content. While others might explain the benefits of storing all of your actions in toggle buttons that can be easily referenced.

Or there may be discussions about best ways to prepare your excel sheets beforehand. Or how to thing through your data template before connecting the data. Or how to use deeper features like embedding collections.

Just some ideas, I know I’ve been trying to keep track of my consistent practices. This could be a good category for designers to help each other become better ‘designers’.

What do you think?

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i second that!

3rd!! great idea Alex

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Hi that’s a good idea! I’ve created the category.
Hope you’ll have some interesting content to post :wink:

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I’ve been doing my best to keep notes on little things that may be fun to write in here - so hopefully we can all get better through sharing!