Countdown to a date question



Anybody know how to create a countdown timer that will show the number of Days and Hours:Minutes:Seconds remaining til a future date/time?



  • Baseball season kickoff.
  • End of an office contest.
  • First Nascar race of the year.
  • Days and hours left til the circus arrives!
  • Final drawing will take place in X days and Y hours, so buy your tickets now.


Hi Chuck,

I think the best way would be to create a custom Javascript Interface Asset based on Moment.js library and use their relative time methods.

(side-note: that’s the library we use for the built-in Date Format Converter)




Is there an error log or debug console I can use while developing my Interface Asset?


An easier option would be to embed this countdown into a HTML file with a transparent background.

Kind Regards



Thanks for the feedback Louie and the super cool link! I wish I would have know about that, it would have saved me some coding time:)

I’ve already written a web solution which works, but I would rather just pass a date to an interface assets via API Explorer.

You could even add some additional images, video, text, colors, within the json feed! This, I believe, would make it easier to brand and implement for other clients.