Countdown timer changing time


I wanted to know if changing the minutes, hours and seconds in a countdown timer asset automatically adjusted the countdown whilst it is running?

Hi @telfordASE
Yes, it appears that when you set a counter’s time WHILE it is counting down, the new time will be set and the counter will continue from that new time without stopping. Keep in mind you can always pause and restart and reset the counter if needed when you make the change.


Thank you that helps. I had a remote action call happening, is there a way to affect an interface asset with a remote action call as at the moment I have a hidden text item that is bound to the countdown timer properties but would rather change it directly but can’t see how

Hi @telfordASE,

You currently can’t call a remote action on an Interface Asset. The workaround it to call a remote action on a text to set the value, then call an action on a button so it performs the required actions on the remote XP.