Count cells with content in Excel sheet?

This is driving me nuts. Merely counting up the cells in a range that are non-blank would seem like an incredibly simple task, but as far as I can tell, IF just can’t do it — it can’t use COUNTIF for that purpose (numbers only), COUNT doesn’t do anything (returns blank within IF), and COUNTA just counts the number of cells in the range. :frowning: Has anyone been able to achieve this?

Can you explain alittle more on what you are trying to do? Are you trying to count all the cells which have something within them?

Exactly, I’m binding the timing of slides in a collection to the number of cells with content.

Hi @whit,

I suggest you to contact our support team and share your experience (and Excel file) with us so we can have a look at these formulas.


Done, thanks. I’ll post the results here.

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For anyone else trying to achieve the same result, the verdict is:

  • There is a formula bug with COUNTA, Seb sent it along to their team
  • The work-around is this formula: =X-COUNTBLANK([range]) <—‘X’ = the total number of cells in the range