Copy/Paste API Content Between XP's

I really don’t mean to sound rude here. I’m an Intuiface fanboy with many years of experience.

But I’m finally going to make a suggestion that has been killing me for a long time.


Currently, I’m well aware that you should not simply copy/paste or duplicate an API Explorer IA, or copy something that contains a reference to an API because this causes issues. You must use the shareable link feature and start fresh.

However, this is a huge gaping hole that causes massive headaches all the time. I work almost religiously with API Explorer. Sometimes I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to copy something from one program into another. Often times the program I’m building is significantly complex and would be a huge waste of time to rebuild over and over again.

This is my biggest ask of the year. Please, help us find a clean way to copy and paste API Explorer content without breaking the program. To clarify, if I have a group that has some collections in it that feed from a couple API’s, I really need to copy that group and paste it directly into another XP. That way all my assets, triggers, AND the API’s come with it.

Before you suggest work-arounds, let me address them:

  • The shareable link feature in an API only works if you want to start fresh with a new API call. It does not help when the API is part of a larger system that’s tied together as mentioned above.
  • Save-As a new XP is a MESS if you need to build something in a different resolution, with significantly different content.

I shudder every time I need to use something I’ve built in a different XP because it almost always causes errors, crashes, blank data, etc.

Please help me vote this up!

  • YES this would save me a ton of time too!
  • No, don’t need it

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Hi Alex,

Before mentioning a 3rd workaround :sweat_smile:, can you share an XP with us (xp-for-support) and point to a specific content (group with collections) that you’d like to copy from 1 XP to another along with the IA used by that content?

I’ll make some tests after DSE and will come back to you.



Hey Seb,
It’s already been shared, it’s the one we’ve been working on back and forth for my support requests.

I’ve provided an updated support ticket with a video explaining how bindings break in copied API explorer assets.