Convert Pdf to deep zoom?




I would like to add a very big (192Mb) PDF to the intuiface experience. It’s a mindmap and in acrobat reader, it’s possible to zoom in to 800% to pan around and everything is still very crisp! How would I integrate something like this in the experience?

Do I create a deep zoom image somehow? Or is it possible to zoom in a pdf within Intuiface? Any suggestions?

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Getting the pdf directly into intuiface could cause hiccups due to its size, you can convert that to an image and use deep zoom. Maybe someone here will have a better solution.


The solutions was very simple actually. I exported a large jpg and placed this in the ‘scroll’ collection of intuiface. It’s the same result without using Deepzoom.

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This could potentially be done via image magik, I have done something similar.

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I am guessing it was a big panaromic image ?