Controllable audio output splitter?

Hi Community!

For once, I’ll be the one asking a question here, especially to A/V tech gurus like @marcelo, @Louie_Smith and others.

I’m looking for a device that would enable to split an audio input into multiples outputs, with a way to control which output should be used. This kind of spec:

  • 1 digital input (jack 3.5mm)
  • 8 digital outputs (or more, or can be daisy chained): jack 3.5 or any format that can be converted to jack 3.5mm
  • control through USB / RS232 or TCP/IP or … ?

Any idea?


PS: if you know of a similar technique / device to switch between Bluetooth devices, I’m also interested.

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Not that I have an answer to your question, but I’m curious… can you explain a little more the setup you’re trying to create? Will the outputs be going to headphones for instance? Or maybe speakers that go throughout a tradeshow or museum installation? I’m trying to wrap my head around this! :slight_smile:

I can’t say much about the project itself, except that “I” need to be able to send the audio to one output or the other (one at a time), and to be able to control which output is active from Intuiface.
Like you can do on your Windows machine with your different connected audio outputs (and I can already do that, through my BT headphones).


But, I have only 1 audio jack 3.5mm output on my PC.

Hope this makes sense.

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i think you want to use splitters - maybe something like this: it takes one video/audio in and 8 out, uses RCA connections - but you could find RCA to 3.5mm adapters

or maybe something like this:

another option:

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@Seb- It does make sense, and it helps my poor brain to understand (I’m pushing through the mid-afternoon slump), thank you!

Hi @melvyn_br,

Thanks for the inputs, I saw these ones, but

  • the Microware seems to only split the signal from 1 input into 8 outputs, without enabling to turn these outputs on / off
  • the Behringer (or Mackie here) doesn’t seem to have any control input (USB, RS232, RJ45) other than the physical knobs and buttons on it.

That’s the “controllable” spec that makes it difficult for me to find :frowning:

A bit overkill, but for now I only found this 8x8 audio matrix switcher ($800 :frowning: -> $500 on Amazon)

I am not an AV expert by any means, but if I were attempting this, the first thing I’d look at would be sound cards, like this one:

I hope this is of some assistance. Best of luck!

Hi Seb

I just stumbled over this tread, have you found a solution if not take a look at this

Kind regards

Hi @kasper,

Thanks for the link, but this only handles MIDI and not regular line out audio.

We probably found the solution using multiple Nexmosphere EM-4 plugged to an XM-350 controller.

As soon as we make more tests with these devices, we’ll probably publish a new Interface Asset to work with their devices.


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Hi Seb,

I’m looking for way to play 4 different vidéo in 4 different headsets connected to 1 computer. For example : During an event, 4 headsets are displayed on a stand, when someone take a headset, a videos starts. I can easily do that whith 4 computers but can i do it with 1 ? Will the Nexmosphere EM-4 do the trick ?

Best regards,
Vincent L.

Hi @vincent1,

1 PC playing 4 videos still only have 1 output, the “sound card” of the PC. This output will go in the Nexmosphere input. The Nexmosphere EM-4 will then only enable you to select 1 (or more) outputs to be activated based on this single input.


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Reviving this thread with an update from the latest Nexmosphere newsletter, check this video:

And of course, you can add a visual interface on a screen next to these audio devices and the button/sensor triggers to control the audio output in Intuiface :wink:

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