Content close button location



I use Intuiface on really large displays and it would make things a great deal easier if the close button could be moved or if you can have a tick box to implement it into the bottom control area. We cant reach the top right hand corner :slight_smile: It is also not very pretty with majority of the button not on screen in full screen mode

As it is now I have 2 options. Option 1 is to have the content (PPT or video) in maximised so you can reach the corner top right corner area properly or option 2 is create a button myself which I set to close the content. I am doing option 2 at the moment but it does not look exactly the same as the Intuiface controls so it creates extra work.


Hi @azyl2,

Since this requires a new feature within IntuiFace, I moved your thread to the wishlist category.
As for now, the option 2 is indeed the best one we can propose you.
BTW, you can reuse the icons of the IntuiFace styles. You’ll find the images in the Icons folder in one of your experiences files folder.