Connecting Mixpanel to an Intuilab project?


I am trying to connect MixPanel to an Intuilab project that has DataAnalytics Asset integrated and I can only find a few entries in support and none of them seem to clearly define how to connect your Intuilab Project to the MixPanel project.

I have generated a token from MixPanel and pasted it into the Intuilab Account Admins Data Analytics / MixPanel

Has anyone integrated with MixPanel?

Does anyone know the next step or does support have a link to any more information.

With data analytics being a very powerful tool in Intuilab, it would be great if they could make videos detailing integration with the different platforms.

Thanks for any help


Hi Ray: Did you take a look at
Or are you looking at something more specific?



Hi Vincent, Nice to virtually meet you.

I did review that article and followed it. I have a token from Mixpanel added to my Intuilab account. _See image.

I guess where I am confused is don’t I have to connect a specific Intuilab project to a specific project in Mixpanel. If so how do I do that. I see many ways to embed the Mixpanel tracking code (See image below) for “Programmatic” in Mixpanel… These are the ways Mixpanel says you can track the project. DO I embed one of these to my project ??

Any help is very appreciated…


Hi @raythorsky,

With the connector you set up in your IntuiFace data tracking hub, all the evens you will log through the Data Tracking Interface Asset will to go your Mixpanel account. You don’t need to add any additional info in your project.

Then, in Mixpanel, you can create you segmentations filtering per experience name.