Conditional Trigger to search Portions of Text Fields for Format Verification

I need to search a text field to verify email address format. I have successfully conditioned for the ‘@’ symbol as well as ‘.com’. I want to expand the condition to include other domain possibilities but cannot find a way to condition with an combined and/or. For example, I want to condition (’@’) and (’.com’ or ‘.net’ or ‘.edu’). How can I get this combination in a single condition set?

Hey @jomanson, would it be possible to give a bit of an overview of what your XP is doing? Do you have an existing list that you need to sort/filter? Or is this a validation that needs to happen when the user inputs their information during runtime? Also, are these text fields in an Excel interface asset?

Maybe I can make a few suggestions, but I don’t want to muddy the waters! Thanks!

Hi @jomanson,

You might want to use the Use custom regular expression behavior property of the Text input asset to specify the exact format you are expecting.