Composer Logout

Is it possible to force a log out of the Composer from the online dashboard? This would be useful if on site with a client or in a different location and Composer is still logged in somewhere else.

Hi Damjan,

this is not possible in our new license plans. You need to logout from a composer (on a PC) to be able to login in a composer on a new PC.


I agree with Damjan, I think there needs to be an option for forcing out a Composer’s license as currently my Composer License is stuck and locked in a crashed Window system. As I have reinstalled Windows, I can’t have access back to my old Composer which have been wiped out to log out my license for my license to be transferred on my newly installed Windows. I am still waiting for Support to help me on this matter and I urgently need to rectify my client’s experience.

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Hello kkhoe77,
Did you solved this problem ?

I’m facing the exactly the same as you

My problem have een solved by the support in 3 min !!! :+1:t5:


yes support solved my problem back then too rather quickly. :grinning: