Composer - can't exit out of preview

I just updated to the latest release and the when previewing my experience in composer I can not exit out of it anymore. The escape key does not seem to work, I have to force quit :frowning: Is anyone else having this issue?

I have also recently updated and I am having the same issue.

Is there another keyboard entry mapped to exit the Player built into Composer?

I third this!

I can not escape out of the preview mode of composer.

@Seb @Alex Whats going on :tired_face::sob::sob:

Try Shift+Alt+F4 that worked for me


Thanks, Louie. Making a note of that.

I confirm, we have this issue with the latest 6.3.10 build.

We removed it as soon as we found, but some of you guys are really quick :confused:


Thanks for the quick fix! :):grinning:

This can still happen. Here’s how.

Composer (running in Windows) may auto-configure Play to “Simulate iPad” – which disables the ESC key to halt the Player! You are stuck.

It seems to be that the resolution selected when creating a new experience is the cause:

Automatic Selection of Player Technology for Composer’s Play Mode

When creating a new experience targeting a tablet or kiosk resolution, Composer will automatically configure Play Mode to “Simulate Player on other platforms (iPad/Android/…)”.

source – this link at Support:

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Hello Bob,

Composer running in Play Mode for other platforms (iPad, Android etc) doesn’t disable the ESC key, there is no relation between these two.
If it does for you, you may have a trigger/action specifically intercepting it.



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Thank you, Alex. I’ll look into this in depth when I get a breather, and see if I can reproduce the problem.

While it is certainly possible that I have a trigger/action specifically intercepting ESC, my recollection is that I had a fresh install of Composer, was at the beginning of the beginner’s tutorial, adding into the experience only what was called for in the tutorial. For that reason, I don’t believe that I had a trigger/action specifically intercepting the ESC key. Very early in the tutorial, I tried clicking the Play button, and the ESC key would not exit the Player … which then required a reboot to get back into Windows.

I was pretty sure that once I discovered that this setting was set on “MenuBar > Project > Simulate Player on other platforms”, and changed it to “Simulate Player on Windows”, that the ESC key then began to work as expected to exit from preview.

(That’s what led me to believe that changing that setting seemed to resolve the problem of being unable to exit from preview with ESC.)

But, I did not log each step of the process, so, when I get a chance, I will see if I can reproduce the problem … start a new blank experience, with low resolution, click Play, check if ESC will exit Player.


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