Combining elements of a game and book in one player experience

I’d like create a player experience for a museum that can be geared to two different audiences - one to youth and another to adult, so that when someone enters the program on the screen they can select either “YOUTH” or “ADULT” and then be directed to either a memory game - or to a more didactic exploration of visual content such as a book. Is this possible to create on one player, or would I need to create two different experiences?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Terren,

You can create a unique experience made with:

You can learn more with this article: Organize your experience with scenes and sequences.

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Thanks Alex … This makes sense

I’ll follow your advise and see what happens… when I run into problems, I’ll reach out again!

No problem Terren, also don’t hesitate to contact our support team if needed.

And if you need to teach yourself the basics, we have a step-by-step tutorial and several webinars :slight_smile:



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