College Athletics or sports related XPs: Does anyone have any examples they would like to share?

We have a prospective client for whom we’d like to pitch an interactive element. Since I have yet to do an XP in this “industry”, I’d like to be able to show them a very relevant example. This will only be shown one time in a client meeting and not be shared publicly. Thanks!

Hi @cullenb

Maybe check around ?
Not a lot of samples, but videos and ideas that may help you building your pitch.



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Hi @cullenb,

I know of several projects / teams / venues that are using Intuiface, but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of public photos / videos of them. I’ll poke around and see what we can share with you.

Any particular use case or scenario they have in mind? What kind of interactivity are we talking about?


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Thanks Alex. I appreciate the link. I hadn’t gone through this section before.

An interactive multimedia touch table with an extended non-touch flatscreen that’s wall-mounted, or a multimedia touch wall made of tiled screens utilizing an IR frame. Doesn’t have to be exactly those of course, but that’s what I’ve got in mind. Thank you very much!

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@cullenb, here is a first link:

And here’s another project in video:

For large table / wall projects, you can also look at the work of Promultis here


These are spot on, Seb. Thank you for sharing these. They will be extremely useful in our brainstorming and RFP creation.

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You can find additional image for the Alabama Photo Booth on our profile page.

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