Collection based on Excel Interface Asset




I am trying format a collection that is based on an Excel Interface, similar to Sebastien’s Excel video.

  • Interface Asset contains n columns, of which I’ve selected 3.
  • Collection has been setup as a Group.

The following are all related to formatting elements in a Collection, esp one based on an Excel Interface Asset.

ROWS - Can’t seem to specify # rows to display. This seems to be automatically set based on the available space in the collection object (compared to the space used for each element). So, if the collective size of all displayed elements in a collection is smaller than the size of the collection, then multiple rows from the Interface Asset are displayed.

–> Is there a property that governs # records displayed in a Collection?

DEFAULT COLLECTION TYPE - The Collection Type defaults to an Asset Grid. If I try to change to Group, IF crashes.

FORMATTING - I’m not clear on what the format options are for both Collections and Collection elements (i.e. each column in an Excel Interface Asset)
–> Am I correct that overall Collection size and pos can be formatted and that the individual elements size and pos can be formatted within the Collection?

COLLECTION TEMPLATES - when I apply a template (e.g. a formatted button) to a Collection with only one element (i.e. one column in the Excel Interface Asset), everything seems to work fine. However, there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to apply different templates to each element within a Collection. For example, it doesn’t seem to be possible to apply template A to element 1 and template B to element 2 within the same collection.
–> Am I correct that templates can only be applied at the Collection level and therefore, are only relevant for Collections with with single elements. If so, I guess a logical enhancement would be to enable templates at the element level as well.

FORMAT X, Y POS ANCHORING - Sorry for overloading this thread, but my issues are all related to formatting. It seems that all object X, Y pos properties are anchored to the center. Makes sense for irregular and circular objects, but moving / resizing rectangular objects, esp elements in a collection, is a bit awkward…
–> Is there a flag that can switch the X, Y pos properties anchor from center to upper / left edge?

Thx in advance…


To answer your button question: if you are wanting a button to correspond to a row (or several rows but not all rows) in the spreadsheet, you can create images of buttons that are referenced by the spreadsheet. The file path of the buttons are referenced in each row, so you can have as many different buttons as you want.
If you want a different template for different buttons, have you tried using conditions in your triggers? Example: "WHEN button image is released AND image equals file path of a certain button image, SHOW template A"
I haven’t tried it myself, so please let me know if it works.
You can format individual elements in a collection by clicking on them and changing their properties. Be careful to keep them inside the parameters of the collection.