Collecting survey data using Analytics

Inspired by a project we came across during a Support call, @Alex of our CSM team built a Shopper Survey experience, now located in the Marketplace. As always, you’ll find Marketplace experiences both in Composer’s Experiences panel and on our website.

In it, you’ll find a kiosk-based survey designed to collect opinions. There are no right answers. Rather, the objective is to determine the distribution of answers. Survey questions and answers are derived from an Excel spreadsheet and, using session logic, each instance of the experience (i.e. each kiosk) gathers shopper opinion and makes it available for visualization using Intuiface Analytics. With this data, you can generate answer distribution charts for given time periods and/or locations.

(Of course, the survey framework could be used with any audience, not just shoppers.)

To go along with this experience, @Alex also created a how-we-built-it article so you can learn from our approach - both for survey creation as well as for chart creation. In there you’ll find a cool technique for conditionally displaying buttons corresponding to each possible answer. (For example, a two-answer question gets two buttons; a four-answer question gets four buttons.)

Like all Marketplace experiences, Shopper Survey is free. Enjoy!

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