Collapse All / Expand All / Lock All

This request seems simple, but would help a lot.

It’d be nice to have a set of small buttons somewhere - small icons near the scene structure header, or by right clicking on it that do the following:

  • Collapse all: Will collapse ALL groups and collections in the layer-list
  • Expand all: Will expand ALL groups and collections in the layer-list
  • Lock all: will lock every layer (this can be extremely helpful when dealing with many layers of content. Especially when they are hidden, it can be annoying to accidentally make changes to the wrong asset)
  • Unlock all: opposite of Lock.

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By the way,
For those following this idea…I just realized that you can highlight a bunch of assets, then click Lock/Unlock or Visible/Not Visible and all are affected.

So for the time being, this is a good work around!

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I still think this idea would be helpful.

For instance, if you’ve worked up an experience in one pixel size, and then resizing it to another, you place your elements in groups, and then resize the group. But if you forget to unlock an element, it doesn’t resize with the group.

It would be handy to be able to unlock or lock all elements in a scene as a universal command for this type of application (Or make composer resize all elements when switching between experience sizes, but I’m sure that would be much more difficult.).