Cloudinary support for audio files


Intuiface has an interface asset that uploads images to Cloudinary, however, we need to upload audio mp3 files too. Cloudinary mentions on their site that this is possible by just making a small change to the resource_type parameter to video (or raw . Can someone from intuiface make this change to the existing cloudinary asset, or can you let me know how to edit the current asset to include this line.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi @melvyn_br

Have you looked at the repository under Github? Intuiface / Cloudinary The best person to talk to about this would be @Seb or try and compile something yourself by opening the project file in Visual Studios but if you are not a code ask someone who is!

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

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Hi @Louie_Smith

Thank you for your reply, I indeed tried to open the file from Github in Visual Studio, but kept getting an error saying the project file was created in a later version, even though I have Visual studio 2010 installed as mentioned in the Github guide.

Therefore, I posted this here, in the hopes that it would attract more views and @Seb would help out.


Since @seb is lost in a camper van somewhere in the southwest United States, we’ll let him be and I’ll have someone from the home office jump on this. Time zones will nudge this response to tomorrow so stay tuned.

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Well, not sure why the readme mention Visual Studio 2010 as the solution seems to have been created with 2013.
I can’t test it with older version of Visual Studio as I don’t have older than 2017 anymore, but I think you’ll be fine with 2013 or above for this solution.
I’ll update the readme.

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Hi Jeremie, I managed to open it with VS 2012 but could not find the place to add that line.

The UploadImage method is using the class ImageUploadParams of the .Net Cloudinary SDK. You need to create another method to upload video or raw that use VideoUploadParams or RawUploadParams instead.

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I think @melvyn_br is asking for someone to do the change for him @jeremie we could potentially make the change but we are currently busy.

To be frank, we posted the Cloudinary IA on GitHub expressly because we didn’t want to be the bottleneck for making changes. It’s as-is code anyone can modify and for which we’ve made no commitment to enhance.

No surprise, our Dev folks - like @jeremie - are super busy as well. (If we actually owned the Cloudinary code and had responsibility for updating it, the enhancement would have to be scoped into a formal Composer release.) I don’t want to speak for @Seb who I know also has an insanely busy schedule, but maybe he’ll have time to take a look when he’s back in a couple of weeks.

In the interim, if you try to make a go at it and have questions, feel free to send those questions to our Support Team.


Managed to fix this… thanks everyone for the help


@melvyn_br Excellent! Glad you got it to work.

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