CloudBerry Drive for Azure

We have a process running on Azure that updates an Excel spreadsheet on the Azure Blob storage. I found an application developed by CloudBerry Drive ( that allows you to map the Azure Blob Storage share as a network drive on a Windows desktop or Windows Server. My question to the community is has anyone used this to do the same? Seems like a good alternative to copying the file to Onedrive and then using Zapier to sync Intuiface.

I have tried this but didn’t have much luck but could be user error, What is the reason why you want to use Azure specifically? Are you wanting to host an XP on Azure and then copy files over? Update content within an XP? What’s your scenario?


Hi Louie, thanks for your reply. We have an automated script running on Azure that accesses an external API and then updates the Excel spreadsheet stored on the Azure Blob storage. We’d like to access the Excel sheet directly from the Intuiface environment, so that’s why I was looking at mapping a network drive.

Surely an easier way of doing this is creating a PHP script that pulls the excel file from the Azure Blob and replaces it locally?